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Unlock the insights hidden in
your underwriting data

The ALLFINANZ underwriting rules engine captures vast volumes of data.
Imagine if you could unlock all the value that contains? Well now you can.

Advance your digital new business process and performance with ALLFINANZ Insight, our analytical software solution that opens a limitless, expert view into your ALLFINANZ underwriting data. Deliver immediate out-of-the-box actionable insights while enabling business users explore the data in their own way. Unlock insights to identify business risks and opportunities, increase straight through processing and drive profitability.


See the big picture, see the detail

Understand both consumer and adviser behaviours. Fine-tune rules and process management. Monitor active pipeline data.

See risks, see opportunities

Quickly identify and respond to opportunities and bottlenecks.

See underperformance, see performance

For your overall underwriting operation, specific teams and individuals.

Key Features

Unlock insights

Creative, intuitive and approachable analytics for your entire team.

ALLFINANZ Insight heralds a major shift in the capability and adaptability of underwriting data analytics. Business users are put in control, with timely, relevant, and actionable information, presented in intuitive, adaptable interfaces. The software transforms complex sets of new business and underwriting data into consumable and actionable intelligence for all key stakeholders in the new business and underwriting process.

Expert dashboards out-of-the-box

Interactive and dynamic dashboards, providing understandable analysis of your underwriting data, designed for business users. Dynamically filter and tweak results to see instant comparisons.

The cutting edge of data visualisation

ALLFINANZ Insight reveals insights through a visually rich interface. The latest in data visualisation techniques enables you to move beyond static charts, to create multi-faceted views of data, where you can explore every dimension

Freedom to create bespoke dashboards

ALLFINANZ Insight enables non-technical users to adapt and customise the software without the support of dedicated IT developers. Quickly and easily create bespoke dashboards dedicated to your specific needs.

A deeper, wider view

ALLFINANZ Insight opens a wider and deeper view into your data. The software draws in more extensive data and its intelligent structuring and curation of this data enables immediate, multifaceted, deep insightful analysis. Access and analyse data to enable extensive pipeline views, dive into the fine grain detail and reveal extensive, actionable insights.

Data Analytics has made a huge impact on how
we monitor the success of our underwriting rules.
It also helps us highlight and prioritise
the next areas of focus.
Steve Smith, Underwriting Developer, Zurich UK

30 years of expertise built-in

ALLFINANZ Insight combines specialist analytical and underwriting expertise with advanced analytical software to deliver an agile, feature rich, dependable data analysis solution. ALLFINANZ Insight is designed to help customers realise the full potential of their digital new business process.

Automated Underwriting Development

  • Monitor the performance of automated rules
  • Identify what rules should be changed or enhanced
  • Improve straight through processing
  • Monitor and amend third party data usage and performance

Manual Underwriting

  • Analyse manual underwriting pipeline
  • Manage manual underwriter assignment
  • Monitor underwriter performance

Operations Management & Analysis

  • Monitor pipeline blockage and leakage
  • Review process efficiency
  • Identify areas for cost reduction and process improvement
  • Analyse third party data usage and value

Risk & Compliance Management

  • Monitor customer, agent and underwriter transactions
  • Evaluate deviations from norms and standards
  • Identify and examine outliers and highlight risk factors

Distribution Analysis and Monitoring

  • Evaluate agencies and distribution networks versus peers
  • Monitor the pipeline processing for agencies
  • Identify business mix opportunities and issues

Product Development

  • Monitor product(s) performance
  • Evaluate actual business mix, patterns and trends versus expectations
  • Identify opportunities for new products or product enhancements

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